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I need this jacket 😍😍😍 #FatshionFriday #FatshionForward #plussize #plusmodel #psblogger #fatshionista #bodylove #curvesarein #skaterdress #fashionblogger #fullfigured #effyourbeautystandards #psfashion #honormycurves #curvyfashionista #celebratemysize #fatshion #instafatshion #everybodyisflawless #curvesfordays #Leather #coat #bodycurvyfashionista

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The #SheffieldBBloggers event was amazing. Thank you to all who came!
I wore my new @newlookfashion dress and shoes, @yoursclothinguk jacket and belt with @evansclothing leggings! #psbloggers #fbloggers #bbloggers

Cute. Those little t-straps! *_*


urgh as if 

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tall fatshion tip: every ‘women’s’ t-shirt is a crop top when you’re 6’2

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OOTD: Rocky Horrible

Dress: Dots

Blouse: Tatyana

Jewelry: Nadine West

I’m about to go see Rocky Horror. This adorable earring/necklace set came in from Nadine West today and omg I have to rant.

Seriously, try this. No subscription fees, you just pay for what you keep. Awesome service.



The giant T-shirt edition part two. #fatshion #effyourbeautystandards #fatbabe #glasses #selfie #ootd

Wow, being a bigger lady it’s always been pushed on me not to wear loose clothing because then I’ll look frumpy but this picture completely goes against everything I’ve been taught. This lady is gorgeous and completely rocking this super stylish look

Your comment was exactly the reason I reblogged this! Oversized clothing can look chic as hell on a plus sized cutie.

Jeffrey Combs doesn’t just play god. He is god.

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Top: Thrifted @ Goodwill

Skirt: Thrifted @ Savers

Earrings: Theater Dept. sale

New post up on Thrift-o-Rama!


I love that “totally feelin’ myself ” look.


i’m a fuckin feminist. outfit details on my blog


Asker theupshotsky Asks:
I love the tie top you got from Tatyana, but their sizing is a little off-putting. Do they run true to measurement?
dharmainitiativeswan dharmainitiativeswan Said:

It’s a really cute top and very stretchy. But I ordered four garments from them, all 3x, and that was the only thing that fit :(


As I said, I felt like a witch at yesterday's family is October, is it not?



Spooky tights.


The giant T-shirt edition part two. #fatshion #effyourbeautystandards #fatbabe #glasses #selfie #ootd


Today I was feeling a pre-halloween/ autumn look Inspired by the film The Craft.

  • Top: H&M
  • Skirt: Boohoo plus
  • Belt: Asos
  • Necklace: Ebay
  • Shoes: Asda

**do not reblog to porn/fetish blogs**

Need that skirt. :D