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I’m so in love with this dress!
Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Cato


Here’s my 6 selfies folks. 🎀💖


The Adam West Edition Power Glove.

Fun Fact: Some guy at work only knows Adam West as the Mayor of Quahog.

Now my husband’s in his underwear on Tumblr. So it begins. 


Time for Plus Size OOTD!

(wish I had a better mirror than the one in my bathroom!)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So I read the blog of on of the ladies you have posted on your "fatshion" page and she's itty bitty. She wears a size 6 and frequently posts her measurements on her blog. I can't help but think it might hurt her feelings to be labeled "fat".
dharmainitiativeswan dharmainitiativeswan Said:

Well, see, I don’t exclusively reblog only plus sized ladies. Mostly I reblog style that I appreciate. But you know? Even if she was grouped in with “fat” women, so the fuck what? Fatshion is just as sexy, hot, stunning, and gorgeous as anything else. 

OOTD: like a bell through the night

Dress: Target

Necklace: Dots

Black midi-dress always equals witch fashion.



It’s too hot in Georgia for anything other than smock dresses. 

I’ve not tried a smock dress and don’t know if I will but I love how it looks on her :)

(via hopefullysmashing)


Spots and crop tops #ootd Loving the lightness of this semi-sheer crop top. Though with this high waisted skirt you can’t even tell it’s cropped! #zaftigsociety #effyourbeautystandards #fatshion