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Gwynnie Bee the “netflix” for plus size clothes

I’ve raved about Gwynnie Bee all over my fb and instagram, but I had to show you what it’s all about!  

I was wary at first - I didn’t think they had a really well-rounded selection and items seemed not really my style.  However, as they’ve grown and expanded, I am happy to report that I just absolutely love them.  

I do the 3-items-at-a-time option which is perfect for my needs.  A lot of my work wear has been gwynniebee and I’ve already purchased two of the items I’ve received (you have the option to buy items for much less than retail and they usually offer additional discounts and sales too!)

This is a Jessica Simpson cap sleeve floral print dress.  It’s super cute and fits so well.  I paired it with some tights and my go-to waxed denim moto jacket from H&M. Perfect for spring! 

If you haven’t already checked out the month-free trial of Gwynnie Bee, I would love to encourage you to try!  Referral link here*.

Floral print dress - Jessica Simpson via Gwynnie Bee, Sz 1XL
Black tights - Target, Sz 1X
Doc Martens - via nordstrom rack, Sz 11
Waxed Moto Jacket - H&M, Sz 16
Sunglasses - SEE Eyewear
Purse - Forever 21
moon earrings - Topshop

#gwynniebee #ilovegwynniebee

*I get a free garment rental with the referral - thanks for using/sharing!



Visit for outfit details!

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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My name is Karen and I usually wear a size 18/20. I write a plus size fashion blog called Curvy Canadian and you can also follow me here on tumblr at This shot is from one of my most recent posts called “Crop”. I totally pushed myself outside of my normal comfort zone and decided to rock a crop top. I remember my slimmer sisters wearing them in the 90s and thinking they’d look horrible on me - but this time around, I am totally loving the trend - even on my larger body! Eff the rules that most people have about what plus size women should or shouldn’t wear. I’m so done with that!!! Horizontal stripes? Yes please. Crop tops? Totally. Bikinis? You better brace yourself, cause I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly! Fashion freedom is the best thing ever. <3


burgerlita I’m so
Pleased to meat ya
Get down darlin now I’m gonna eatcha


Headband made by yours truly. All from scratch. #selfmade




I’ve been wanting cat eye glasses forever and I finally got them! Feeling super retro!

Sweater: Ross

Button Up: Old Navy

Pants: Avenue

Shoes: Sears

Glasses: Amazon


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Shirt, Shorts-made-skirt, Bag: Thrifted @ Goodwill

Mocs: Minnetonka via that weird leather shop

Earrings: A gift! A gift bought by my mother from a church rummage sale.

New post up on Thrift-o-Rama!



I did a thing.


I’m like Clueless meets The Craft 

(top - f21, dress/skirt-f21, leggings-torrid, boots-rue21)


Flower halo - handmade by me

Jacket - SimplyBe

Dress - Ross

Necklace - Etsy

Belt - Forever 21+

Shoes - Payless


new blog post // pink is the flavor.

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Awwwwkward #fatgrunge