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Asker girlofsorts Asks:
My heart broke when I read that thing about the fitshion. You're beautiful and I truly hope it didn't have any negative effect on you doll
dharmainitiativeswan dharmainitiativeswan Said:

Thank you. I am more angry and hurt by all of the beautiful people whom I see looking so fab all the time on the fatshion tag ending up on such a shitty subreddit being mocked by others who are clearly filled with such hate. I’m thankful we have a tag filled with love. :)

Warning to adorable fatshion babes. This 3-day-old community is taking pictures from the fatshion tag and comparing outfits with “fit” people.

An entry about me, for instance:

What gets me here is how disgusting the legs of the beast look compared to the actual human legs. Revolting pig, why doesn’t she just wear pants or something?


The first rule of the Cider House is that you do not talk about the Cider House.

The second rule of the Cider House is that you DO NOT talk about the Cider House.

The third rule of the Cider House: something isn’t clean, isn’t sanitized, the cider is over (pour it down the drain).

Fourth rule: Only two racks to a cider.

Fifth rule: Fill one bottle at time.

Sixth rule: Use a stainless steel rod or skewer to keep your siphon hose straight and at the bottom.

Seventh rule: Ciders will take as long as they have to.

And the eighth and final rule: Let your cat take as many selfies as he wants.

Look at these cider house fools.


Rock thy body!!!


Feelin my new hair color


From Hell Bunny’s latest photoshoot


What’s the difference between plaid and tartan?



femmes forever



To all the fat girls who don’t care they are fat; who dress fiercely and fly. God bless you, let’s party.

my goal in life is to provoke this feeling in every insecure fat girl because shit we wonderful

Look around you. The party is here. 

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Universal Starlet Patricia Alphin c. 1947

spooky cutie


Universal Starlet Patricia Alphin c. 1947

spooky cutie

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BOOM CLAP the sound of my heart


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this is so punk


Some September looks.